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Established in 1987 in Jakarta, PT Rantai Mulia Kencana (RMK) is a company engaged as a stockist and supplier of industrial chain components as well as a manufacturing company and conveyor belt installer. For industrial chain components, we are official agents of various international scale brands from various countries such as Japan, Italy etc. While as a manufacturer and installer of conveyor belts, we currently have a production facility in Gunung Putri, Citeurep, West Java with an area of around 10,000 m2. For more than 31 years, we have served a variety of large clients in various industries such as the food and beverage industry, consumer goods, ceramics. oil palm plantations, steel mills, mining etc.

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We believe the unique strength of product quality and the full support of our principals makes everything possible.

At present we are one company that has a very complete product selection for Industrial chain component products. With so many choices and supported by our experience for more than 31 years in this industry, we are able to provide a variety of recommendations that are right for clients tailored to the needs according to the quality and budget of the company.

As an official distributor or agent. We guarantee that all our products are official products with guaranteed quality. As a large authorized distributor, we also get full support from the principals, where periodically, our principals will conduct training on the internal team and conduct visits to provide input for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients' production processes.

Our position as a company with the largest scale enables us to get very competitive prices due to our large import volume which will ultimately also benefit our clients.

Supported by the availability of complete stock and readiness of the shipping fleet, in general we are able to provide a commitment to deliver within 1x24 hours.

In addition to product completeness, we also have complete stock in very adequate quantities. The stock is managed in our large warehouse in the Citeureup area. To ensure client needs are met, we have allocated spare part requirements for each of our clients, where the stock can be placed in our warehouse or in the client's warehouse.


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